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Cortinilla de pagina web
Cortinilla de pagina web
Artist tuxpantv
Format   16 seconds 16:9
Price 250 credits


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What is a template?

A template is a predifined animation where parts of it can be changed to your needs. Text can be altered or images replaced. Our designers do all the hard work of building a visually stunning and/or useful animation, you only have to make it personal.

How do I search for a specific template?

First, go to the search page.

There you can search on the following data:

Also known as 'tags'. The designers will add descriptional words to their templates like 'intro', 'car' or 'slideshow'.

Once you get to know our designers you might become a fan of one or more of them. Search with this for their latest work.

If you are looking for a specific length of video, use this search list.

If you are looking for a popular template, select four 'H's of more. But don't neglect the others, there might be a undiscoverd gem in there. Also, templates get judged over time, so newer (great) ones might still be unjudged.

Text Fields
Use this to find templates with a certain amount of text fields.

Image Fields
use this to find templates with a certain amount of image fields.

Most templates can be rendered in several sizes, but they are in different 'Aspect Ratio' like 4:3 or 16:9. Select as specific resolution and aspect ration in this box. When you have choosen one, 'Price' also comes available as search option.

This selector is only available when you've selected an ouput size (as this is a factor in the price). If you are on a budget, use this to select only templates in a certain price range.

Reset All
Click this to clean up all previously made selections.

To search on all criteria you've entered, click this.

Can I have a custom made template?

Yes. There are two options:

1) Post your request on our forum (this is a link to where you can post requests)

2) Do a thorough search through all available templates and if you really can't find one that suits you, contact a designer. Preferably the one that created a template that looks the most like you want it. You can contact a designer by leaving a comment beneath a template you like to be changed. In this way you both know what you are talking about... The designer recieves a notification mail with your comment.

The designer will contact you (via our services) and you can both negotiate the design and the credits involved in creating your template. Most likely is that if your template ideas are useful for other customers, the designer will make it available for the same price as comparable ones. If you want this template just for your own purposes the amount of credits to pay may be a bit higher. 

How do I change an Image?

If you click on 'Customize this Video' you can change/upload the images (and texts). There will be a screen popping up with all your previsously uploaded images and a button that allows you to upload new ones.

How do I remove an image from a template?

You can 'erase' images in templates by uploading a fully transparent PNG file.
You can find an image pack with this PNG (amongst other images) in our forum.


How do I remove text from a template?

Just erase the text when personalising the template to your needs. It will not show in the rendering.

Where can I download the template itself?

Nowhere. We only sell the resulting videos. You pay for a one time use of this template. The resulting video is yours. You can do anything you like with it.

There is something wrong with a template!

Leave a comment under the template. The designer will receive a notification.

What do I pay for?

You pay for the one time use of a chosen template and the generation of a personalized video in the quality you have chosen. If you want to use this template again with different texts or images, you have to order it again. However, the resulting video is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Even reselling it!

System Requirements

Do I need to install software to use Headsub?


Just your browser. Nothing else. Your operating system comes with a player that will play WMV without problems. If you want to play a FLV file, try this link. A DivX codec can be found here.

However, if you want to add our video to an existing one, you need editing software. Please check your software to see if it handles all file formats.

What kind of hardware do I need to play the animations?

The short answer is: very little!

To be honest, you can start with just a DVD player (burn the files onto a DVD first) and end up with a million dollar play out system. It all depends on WHO you want to reach WHERE with WHAT. If you happen to run a small candy shop, a DVD player will probably suffice. You render your show maybe once a week on Headsub, download it and burn it. On a DVD that is.

If you just need the videos to end up in YouTube, you probably already own the hardware to do that.

If however you are a HUGE company with hundreds of shops all over the world (as we would like to be) that needs some kind of Digital Signage, sending DVD's is not the most clever way of distributing your content. This is where more complex hardware enters the stage. But still, there are quite simple and affordable solutions. Small black (or grey/purple/blue/yellow/green/red) boxes that contain a (simple) CPU can be found anywhere. They do a good job at playing video.

The clue is in the use of our videos. They play very smooth on any modern (or even old) system because displaying video has become something a computer chip can do quite easily. Instead of having to calculate all the effects that happen on screen (which would take a serious CPU and graphics card) the computer just needs to copy bits and bytes from here to there. And coincidentally, that’s what it is best at.

If your desired player hardware has lots of CPU left for other things than playing video, it can do scheduling, reporting, playing audio, showing clocks and much more with the power that’s left.

There is a lot more to tell about this. If you need more info, mail info@headsub.com


How do I login onto the Headsub forum?

Click here to log in.

When registering yourself as a Headsub user you will automatically be added as a forum user. Just login into Headsub and follow the direct link to the forum.
If you want to login to the forum directly (by going to forum.headsub.com) use the same username and password as you would use to login onto your Headsub account.

Is my internet browser compatible?

Every single modern browser works fine with Headsub.

If you are experiencing problems on our site please follow these steps:

- Upgrade your browser to its latest version
- Update your flash player
- Try another browser

If problems persist, send an e-mail to helpdesk@headsub.com with the specifications of your browser (Name, version) and preferably a screenshot of what goes wrong.


I have lost my password!

Go here and request a new one.

Why is everything in English?

It is the most universal language in the world. Our designers and customers come from anywhere on the globe, so we need to use a common language. If you want to translate comments or descriptions try using Google Translate.

Am I allowed to sell the video?


After downloading you own the video.  We will not ask money for re-distribution. Make sure you own all rights to whatever you add (in)to the distributed video. Everything WE put in is license free, so no worries about that.


Is it possible to e-mail a Headsub video?


We render in the highest possible quality and that might result in a video that is over the limit of what you are allowed to email. There are a lot of great tools on the market to make a video smaller, for instance ‘Prism’ (link). You can also try to ‘zip’ the file. This can take of just enough space to be able to send it. Also, uploading it to YouTube and then sending the link to your video is a good option as well. If you want to keep the original size, try using the services from Sendspace or YouSendit.

What does "Warning: Aspect ratio differs' mean?

When uploading an image of your own it might be in a different size than the template uses as default. The image might be square (400 x 400 pixels) (1:1) and the one you have uploaded might be 800 x 600 pixels (4:3).

The following warning will be given: "Warning: Aspectratio of the uploaded image (1.00) differs from the desired. (1.33)"

Don't worry, just render a preview first to see if your picture is displayed in a correct way. If not, try to adjust the image size before uploading to the same aspect ratio.

Important: you can change the size of your image to a larger value (e.g. 8000 x 8000) without problems, you will see more detail in the video.

Aspect ratio is calculated by dividing the width of an image by the height in pixels.

Is a Headsub video license free?

In general: Yes.

All templates you see on our website are checked by their designers and should not contain any licensed material they do not own.
However, if you add your own content to these templates, things change...
For example, take this template:

Just some text on a plain background. After you've added your own text and downloaded the video it is all yours. You can sell and distribute it anyway you like. We (or the designer) won't charge you for that.

Now, let's say you upload your own graphics and text to a template and the end result looks like this:

Now, this is a whole different story. You are using brand names and logo's/colours. You may only use, distribute and sell this if you have the rights to these graphics. You might own the company or you are assigned to make their commercials. Then you can do with it what you want. Again, we will not charge you for anything. However, if you do not own the rights and use these videos commercially you may get charged by their rightful owners. So be careful what you use these for. Headsub is not responsible for the (altered) content of their rendered videos as declared in our Terms Of Use.


Is the download of the same quality as the preview?

No. The preview is only 10 fps (frames per second) and in low resolution which makes it play less smooth and it has a limited size. The file you download is 25 frames per second and in the size you order.

Website & Navigation

What does 'Price (1 loop @ 25 fps)' mean?

The prices stated are for a video that consists of a single render of the chosen template. Just to make sure we mention the fact that these videos will have 25 frames per seconds (which is good). You can use the same template again in the same video. This is called looping. You only pay once for the template regardless of how many times you use it in one video. You only pay extra for the rendering time.

Your designer does not answer my question immediately!

They are not OUR designers. They can act and answer as fast as they like. And they live all over the planet. So when you ask him/her something, he/she might be well asleep at the other end of Earth. So please wait at a little while for an answer. If your question still is not answered soon enough, try our forum. Lots of people there, also willing to help you.

I do not understand your Terms Of Use.

The Terms Of Use document is a legal statement, telling you what you can and cannot do with our service and what Headsub is allowed to do. As a user, there is some interesting information in there for you. Most things in it are clarified in the help section in less 'legal' terms. We do think it is a good idea to read it if you can find the time.
If there are still things unclear to you, use our contact form and send us an e-mail.

What is the function of the orange H's?

These are our version of 'Star Ranking'. One 'H' means that the template isn't very popular, five means that this is a highly rated template (and usually a very beautiful one). You can vote on the templates if you are a registered user. You can only vote once by the way.

Additional material

I want some audio for my video.

Here is a good source for short music clips and sound effects: 

We are in no way responsible for the way these sites work or the content they generate and we urge you to read their licensing terms. They differ from ours in many ways, but they do offer a LOT of great music...

Want your company mentioned here? All we ask is to link to us on your website and send a notification to info@headsub.com, so we can add you.

I'm looking for a video production company

The Netherlands :  http://www.videoproducties.nl/diensten/bedrijfsfilm.html

Want your company mentioned here? All we ask is to link to us on your website and send a notification to info@headsub.com, so we can add you.